International transport

International truck transports around Europe by our own vehicles or our contracting partners' vehicles.
Koli Sped carries out international transports especially to and from Austria, Germany, the Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, using their own vehicles or those of contracting partners. We offer the following transport services: full truck loads (FTL), less than truck loads (LTL), groupage transports, transports of hazardous substances, cargo insurance. 


Our strengths are:

Personal approach of our highly qualified staff,
rolling stock consisting of modern Mercedez Benz and Man vehicles,
tested and reliable contracting partners,
competitive prices,
transports done quickly and reliably without any damage to the goods.



Warehouse and storage

Storage, manipulation and other accompanying procedures of customs and other goods.
The company owns a 3400 sq. m type A bonded warehouse which is licensed for simplified procedures regarding receiving and forwarding goods.
In addition, the company rents a 1000 sq. m warehouse for home goods storage. All warehouses are insured against fire and burglary. They also are protected 24 hours a day with security service.


Besides storing customs and home goods, we offer the following services:

  • Received goods control,
  • sorting,
  • repacking,
  • packing,
  • labelling,
  • declaration,
  • stock records insight,
  • collecting goods for groupage transports,
  • weighing.

Customs procedures and intrastat

Import and export clearance, transit and other logistic procedures.


Our professional staff with years of experience are representatives in import and export customs procedures. 
We also offer:

  • information regarding customs procedures and customs legislation,
  • customs tariff classification,
  • transit procedures and forwarding authorisation-related procedures,
  • registering for intrastat and extrastat.

Forwarding agency

Organising air and seafreight transport and other procedures regarding transport of goods.


Through our contracting partners abroad, we offer customs clearance, storage, transhipments, goods delivery and forwarding. We can organise sea and airfreight transports anywhere in the world. 


About Us

t: +386 4  201 47 60
f: +386 4  201 47 70


Koli Šped d.o.o.
Savska cesta 22a, p.p. 204
4000 Kranj


With its own transport, storage and other capacities, along with experience gained through its work so far, KOLI ŠPED offers its customers well performed and comprehensive logistic services in goods transportation in accordance with modern guidelines, where speed, reliability, punctuality, delivery of undamaged goods, and competitive prices are key. 


Sladič Boris +386 4 20 14 766 boris.sladic@koli-sped.si


Expert assistant

Lukič Zoran +386 41 610 911  


Sobočan Magda +386 4 20 14 769 magda.sobocan@koli-sped.si
Andreja Rode +386 4 20 14 778 andreja.rode@koli-sped.si
Fax +386 4 20 14 770  



Šilar Klemen +386 4 20 14 765 klemen.silar@koli-sped.si
Gregor Pekolj +386 4 20 14 771 gregor.pekolj@koli-sped.si
Tim Sladič +386 4 20 14 764 tim.sladic@koli-sped.si
Luka Vidmar +386 4 20 14 773 luka.vidmar@koli-sped.si
Fax +386 4 20 14 770  


Customs procedures and intrastat

Sušina Tomi +386 4 20 14 772 tomi.susina@koli-sped.si
Tomšič Tea +386 4 20 14 775 tea.tomsic@koli-sped.si
Fax +386 4 20 14 774  


Logistics, storage

Sladič Slavko +386 4 20 14 790 slavko.sladic@koli-sped.si
Primož Pangerc +386 4 20 14 761  
Pavlin Jure +386 4 20 14 761 jure.pavlin@koli-sped.si


Koli Šped ltd., International forwarding agency, Kranj, was established in 1990 with private capital. In the beginning, the company mostly dealt with customs representation. During its first year, it purchased its first truck and started using it for international transports. Through the years the number of trucks increased, and the company now owns 22 trucks and 24 trailers. The company employs 32 people. 


In 1998 the company acquired an office/storage building with 600 sq. m of offices and 2000 sq. m storage area at the company’s current location. The company got a license to run a customs warehouse with simplified procedures regarding receiving and forwarding goods, which is still valid today. Due to an increasing demand for storage spaces, in 2006 KOLI ŠPED rented a 1000 sq. m storehouse to store goods originating from the EU.

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